A roadmap for event managers.

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Event Management Certification #212 $500.00

Event Management Certification #212

March 10, 2019 / No Comments

This course focuses on core responsibilities of successful event managers. Topics cover best practices in event planning from staff management to food service standards to planning and budgeting. At the completion of this course, event professionals will have a roadmap for producing memorable and profitable events.

Mastering Public Speaking #220 $2,200.00

Mastering Public Speaking #220

March 5, 2019 / No Comments

In this two-day interactive workshop, the focus is on public speaking AND leadership communication skills using a variety of formats. How you communicate is how others evaluate you – be proactive with this and learn how you can plan how others perceive you. Give yourself the opportunity to learn ‘the art’ of communication. Attending this workshop will help you achieve a higher level of communication skill. This is a workshop that focuses on general communication skills as well as public speaking skills using a variety of formats to enhance skills, practice them and maximize interaction between participants and faculty. Attendees will be able to enhance and practice skills with maximum interaction between participants and instructor.

Advanced Public Speaking #221 $1,200.00

Advanced Public Speaking #221

March 4, 2019 / No Comments

This one-day course is designed to increase your mastery of public speaking. Attendees will prepare and participate in a debate – the ultimate public speaking experience – and add new visualization, impromptu and persuasive methods to their skill sets as communicators. Perfect the techniques that will make you a confident communicator – not only in front of an audience but in the boardroom and meeting room too. This workshop is for advanced public speakers who wish to take their skills to the next level.