Management Core Course Series (#201)


Course Overview

This comprehensive course is designed to raise the bar for wine industry leaders by sharpening communication and people management skills while building financial acumen.

Note: As part of our leadership series, WISE is offering bite-sized sessions to tune up your management skills. Take all 7 sessions to complete the WISE #201 Management Core Course. WISE #201 is an opportunity to purchase WISE #202 People Management and WISE #203 Demystifying Finance & Accounting as a package for more cost-effective savings.

Coaches: Liz Mercer, Rob Lorenz, Geni Whitehouse, or a WISE Coaching Team Member
Hours: 21 hours (for all 7 sessions)
Cost: $990 $650 (for all sessions purchased together)
Course Requirements: Successful completion of this course includes a passing grade of 75% or higher on the course test.

Successful completion of this course enables the participant eligible towards level II management certifications.

1. Leadership & Communications – WISE #202A
This Leadership & Communications workshop will help attendees fully understand the importance, role and impact of the management responsibility; learn how to increase the ability to give and receive information from others; learn effective leadership styles; and understand the importance of matching leadership style to employee needs.

2. Hiring & Motivating – WISE #202B
This Hiring & Motivating workshop will focus on identifying the elements to consider when staffing an organization; learning the steps to making an effective hiring decision; understanding the legal impact of recruiting and staffing; strategies for successful on-boarding; and becoming familiar with key concepts of rewards and recognition.

3. Managing Peak Performance – WISE #202C
This Managing Peak Performance workshop is an overview of the tools needed to successfully provide performance feedback, conduct performance evaluations and take corrective action. Attendees will learn additional strategies to achieving performance results through others; become familiar with tools and techniques for documenting and providing performance feedback; learn the steps for correcting performance issues; and understand the legal impact of taking corrective action.

4. Building Awesome Teams – WISE #202D
This workshop on Building Awesome Teams will cover identifying the elements of successful team development; applying the supervisory concepts to building effective teamwork; learning the steps to effective goal setting and achievement; becoming familiar with strategies for facilitating meetings; and building a plan of action to capitalize on strengths and build skills.

5. Demystifying Finance & Accounting – WISE #203
Finance and accounting topics are applied in individual and group exercises culminating in a hands-on case study so that students learn to Speak the language of business; Build a business by the numbers; Appreciate the three bottom lines; Compute and review key ratios in a winery; and Understand the drivers of a successful winery and connect them to actions.

Course Content

Time: 21 hours

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$990.00 $650.00
Who Should Take This Course?

WISE #201 is a prerequisite for all Level II Management Certifications. This course is suitable for anyone who manages people in the wine industry including those managing teams focused on consumer direct sales, experienced managers in need of a quick refresher; and new managers seeking to apply best practices.