Digital Mastery #124


Part of the WISE Digital Series, this workshop presented with WineGlass Marketing can be taken all together (for one cost-effective price), or individually. Each session will be presented by Susan DeMatei

I. Email Marketing – Learn the elements of a strong email campaign including database, essential metrics, targeting and design tricks; this workshop also includes how to work with new considerations such as dark mode. This 3-hour workshop will leave you with a list of ideas you can implement right away with industry benchmarks to help you evaluate your campaigns.

Appropriate for marketing managers to coordinators that are already creating emails with a goal to take you campaigns to the next level.
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II. Social Media – Social media is today’s awareness platform – but it’s confusing where to go and how much to pay. The first part of the class will walk through content strategy and how to meet the sometimes overwhelming demand for new things to continually post. The second part of the workshop will walk through advertising on social media channels with some suggested formats and costs. This 3-hour workshop will leave you with ideas you can immediately consider and implement for your social media strategy.

Appropriate for marketing managers who are beginners or intermediate at both posting and advertising. Also good for managers confident in this area to pick up some new ideas and tips.
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III. Websites – Now that your website has to do some heavy lifting – when’s the last time you looked at your Google Analytics? This class will review metrics you should be reviewing and current best practices on website design. We will also cover SEO basics and get into Google Ads, or SEO. You will leave this 3-hour workshop with some tools to evaluate the efficiency of your website and clear ideas and plans on how to drive traffic to it.

Appropriate to any level marketing or ecommerce manager.
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Time: 8 hours

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