Outbound Phone Sales Management Certification #216 - Wine Industry Sales Education
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Outbound Phone Sales Management Certification #216


Course Overview

A full day course, this class will provide you with the tools needed to run a successful outbound phone marketing program. Understand the best practices in staff management, messaging and frequency, CRM list segmentation and offer generation, staff compensation and issue resolution, and how to measure financial success through metrics and customer loyalty data. Understand how to manage an outbound phone team and watch your customer data expand and profits increase through the application of CRM best practices for this channel.

Upon completion of this course, Outbound Sales Managers will understand:

  • the financials associated with outbound calling efforts
  • how to determine and hire the best staff for a calling team
  • the importance of list segmentation and determining effective offers in outbound calling
  • how to implement the right level of compensation and incentives
  • the metrics and analytics to make better decisions for the channel

After taking this class, managers will be well-versed in all aspects of leading a team to business success and increasing revenue and customer loyalty through the outbound phone sales channel.

Instructor(s):  Susan Cole
Wine Management #201 and Outbound Phone Professional #116

Course Content

Time: 8 hours

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Susan has more than 18 years of wine marketing experience, all in the direct-to-consumer arena. Her industry knowledge, sales expertise, and ability to build relationships have proven instrumental in helping both large and small wineries achieve and surpass their revenue goals. During her time at Windsor Vineyards, Treasury Wine Estates, and Pezzi King Vineyards she has managed inbound and outbound call centers, wine clubs, and customer service organizations, resulting in revenue growth, club membership, and sales that consistently exceeded projections.


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Who Should Take This Course?

This certification class is designed for current Outbound Phone Sales Managers who want to increase their effectiveness. It will also benefit winery managers seeking a better understanding of outbound phone sales best practices and those who need multiple WISE Level II Certificates to begin their Level III DTC Leadership coursework. This course is also a valuable resource for those with outbound phone sales experience who are seeking to expand their role.