People Management #202 - Wine Industry Sales Education
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People Management #202


Course Overview

Designed for wine industry leaders, this two-day workshop will sharpen communication and people management skills, including effective leadership and communications, hiring and motivating, building awesome teams and managing to peak performance.

People management includes exercises, discussion, and role plays on the follow topics:

  • Communication for leaders
  • Hiring and interviewing techniques
  • Performance management skills
  • Team and meeting skills

Instructor: David Johnson, Kathie Barclay
Total Hours: 16
Cost: $850
Prerequisite: None

Course Content

Time: 16 hours

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Kathie loves a good challenge and a tough puzzle. Nothing gives her greater satisfaction than uncovering hidden opportunities, creating strategies to increase sales, and solving problems. Give Kathie a DTC puzzle requiring analytics, strategy, planning, and execution and she will give you a dashboard and actionable solutions that will revolutionize your business.


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Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for anyone responsible for managing people or building teams. It is perfect for new managers with limited formal training and experienced managers who need a quick refresher on management basics.