Wine Fluency #101 - Wine Industry Sales Education
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Wine Fluency #101


Course Overview

This 2-day boot camp provides foundational knowledge for anyone working in the wine industry. The course covers wine business basics, sales, marketing and service best practices, uniqueness of viticulture areas, and the principles of professional wine tasting. This course is the foundation of the WISE Level I Certification Programs. It provides you with a broad overview of the wine business and wine tasting basics with special emphasis on the history of wine in America, fundamentals of grape growing and winemaking, basics of consumer direct wine sales and service standards, hands on wine tasting and sensory evaluation. Successful completion of this course provides the knowledge and confidence required to be a WISE Professional and is a prerequisite for all four Level I Certificate courses. At the end of two days, students have the information they need to deliver the kind of exemplary winery experience that visitors to wine country deserve.

The concepts learned in the course are the foundation for all WISE Level I coursework and include training in:

  • Wine Industry Concepts and Terminology
  • Wine Country Terroir (Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, etc.)
  • Wine Tastings and Service Standards

Instructor(s): David Johnson, Kathie Barclay
Total Hours: 16
Cost: $350
Must be 21 or older

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Time: 16 hours

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David has a successful career working in the wine industry for over 20 years. He is currently the Hospitality Director at Quixote Winery with general management responsibilities for overseeing overall winery operations. He worked as the Hospitality Director at Larson Family Winery and with his success creation of marketing strategies, cost controls, and organizational development the winery experienced an immediate increase in its profits. As the Consumer Direct Manager he breathed new life into the consumer direct functions at The Hess Collection Winery, and before that he was the Visitor Center Manager at Domaine Carneros Winery for a number of years.


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Who Should Take This Course?

This course is ideally suited for anyone seeking a broader wine business perspective, increased wine tasting confidence or consumer sales effectiveness. It is appropriate for those with limited wine product knowledge or industry experience seeking a position in the wine industry.