Wine Hospitality #102


Course Overview

This eight-hour class is (split over two half days) where attendees new to the wine industry (but perhaps not new to hospitality and customer service) will gain a better understanding of the nuances specific to wine hospitality to get them up to speed quickly selling wine and wine clubs, as well as learning how to translate superb customer service into natural, effective sales.

The training includes:

  • Wine Industry Concepts and Terminology – learning about wine vocabulary and how wine is made
  • Direct-to-Consumer Sales Standards – selling wine and wine club memberships, and capturing contact data
  • Wine Tastings and Service Standards – how to present, pour, and describe wine

Instructor(s): Liz Mercer, WISE Coaching Team Member
Cost: $400
Prerequisite: None

Course Content

Time: 8 hours

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Who should take this course?

This course is designed for  new hires from the retail, restaurant and  hotel industries , bringing them up to speed on  the differences in wine hospitality,  to help them bridge the gap. It is ideal  for those seeking a broader wine business perspective, increased wine tasting confidence, and consumer sales effectiveness. It is appropriate for those with limited wine product knowledge or wine industry experience who are seeking a position in the wine industry.