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When you join the WISE Cabinet for industry leaders, you will experience valuable peer-to-peer learning and support on an annual basis in one of three categories: Executive Leadership, DTC Masters and DTC Leaders. Our wine-industry leadership forum program, called WISE Cabinet, allows you to experience invaluable peer-to-peer professional learning and support, coupled with the best of the WISE’s leadership development programs.


Each WISE Cabinet includes a select group of wine-industry leaders who have a core experience base in common. They meet for four hours, six times a year in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust and openness to support each other’s professional and personal success and leadership development. Led by a certified WISE Moderator, each Cabinet follows specific protocols to ensure a safe and effective environment for idea exchange. Convenient meeting locations and dates are determined by each Cabinet.


Each Cabinet will include 8 to 10 peer members plus a moderator. There are three different Cabinet categories – you will be matched with the one that best fits your own experience base:

  • Executive Leadership Forum – for owners, CEOs, presidents and general managers of wineries and wine-related companies Cost $2,500 per year.
  • DTC Masters Forum – for experienced winery DTC executives who are in charge of all DTC channels at their winery including tasting room, wine club, online, events, etc. Cost $2,500 per year.
  • DTC Leaders Forum – for experienced winery DTC managers with various expertise including tasting room managers, wine club managers, online / ecommerce managers, digital media managers, event managers, CRM managers, etc. Cost $1,500 per year.


Benefits of being in a WISE Cabinet extend beyond the power of the meetings:

  • Have a trusted board of advisors who are there to support you
  • Experience solutions-based feedback and effective networking with other industry leaders
  • Continue your commitment to your own leadership development process
  • Enjoy access to WISE Alumni benefits including speaker series, mystery shopping services, behavior profiling, on-site coaching, on-going WISE education, and custom programs and services.


What you get out of being in a WISE Cabinet is directly related to what you put into it.

  • Most Cabinet members are WISE alumni so they share a common experience, lexicon and standards.
  • Full participation – in as many of the six meetings a years as possible – is strongly encouraged.
  • Cabinets may elect to hold an annual retreat and/or other activities to increase their impact as a group.


There is an annual fee for each WISE Cabinet member. Additional costs (if any) for food and beverage, retreats or other forum activities are at the discretion of each Cabinet. Meeting space is provided by participating Cabinet members or WISE. WISE provides all educational and support materials used during forum.

Next Steps

Follow these steps:

  1. Please contact WISE for more information: info@wineindustrysaleseducation.com
  2. We will contact you to discuss placement opportunities.
  3. Cabinet matches will begin in Fall of 2018 and will be ready to launch soon thereafter.
  4. Upon acceptance into a Cabinet, please confirm your participation with payment of the annual fee.
  5. Select (along with your forum mates) six convenient meeting dates and locations for the upcoming year.
  6. Attend your first WISE Cabinet kickoff meeting!